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Thursday, February 07 2013

First of all I must apologise, it has been a while since I have updated this page, I like the other memebers of the Board are here as volunteers, and often our day jobs get in the way of the stuff we do for the love of the profession. It is for this reason that I shall not be standing for re-election as Chair. I will however be hoping to stay on the Board as I do enjoy working with Scottish Continuity and I think there are a great bunch of folk involved. If you would like to be involved there are a number of positions up for election, so don't be shy, put your name forward!

The last year has been an interesting one, we have grown in some areas annd reduced in others, it is increasingly difficult to justify membership of external bodies however good value for money they are, and I am even finding that in my organisation. I believe that we offer excellent value for money, the Annual Resilience event alone is worth the membership fee and you would struggle to get anything coming close in the UK in terms of value for money.

The 2012 Resilient Scotland Conference, from both my own perspective and from the feedback that we have received a very successful event. We moved away from the "talking point" location this year focussing on getting the layout right, so no quirky rooms this year, just a good old school conference venue. Despite some issues with seeing the screen from the back (which was probably as much from the enthusiasm of the presenters in passing on as much information as possible) it was a great event. We had a number of very good speakers who I felt complemented each other very well and the exercise in the afternoon run by Needhams 1834 was extremely popular. As with the last 2 years we had around 100 attendees, and these people were from a wide range of sectors and organisations, gone are the days of these events being 50% financial services and 50% government bodies.

The move to a conference venue also allowed us to bring in sponsors to offer members their products, or at least tell members about their products again this proved popular with the stands remaining busy during each of the breaks. Most of these people have asked to be involved again next year.

Over the course of the year Scottish Continuity, mainly through Debbie and Gordon have offered a drop in "surgery" every month or so, although the take up has not been great those who have come along have been very positive about the experience. 2013 will see a number of intitiatives being piloted as part of the new membership strategy so watch this space!

The AGM will be held on Thursday 21 February from 12.30 at Onyx at the Gyle. Following the AGM G2G3 will be running an Incident Management Simulation Exercise. Anyone involved 3 years ago will remember how frantic this was.... but great fun. Come along (and let us know you are coming), it will be great to catch up with you!

Finally I would like to express my thanks to Debbie Ward who joined the Board at the same time as myself and has decided to stand down (2 years as Secretary will do that to anyone!). Since she took up the role she has kept smiling and kept us right on more occassions than I care to remember, even taking it in her stride when I suggested that I had not received a "proper action" (I had), you can rest assure the following month I was in no doubt whatsoever what were my actions, thank you Debbie!

See you on the 21st


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