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Thursday, November 08 2012

On 19 November Scottish Continuity will be running its annual Resilient Scotland Conference. The venue this year will be the Hilton Grosvenor Hotel in Edinburgh and it promises to be an excellent day.

In our line of work, and in current economic climes managing to get a day out of the office is becoming more and more difficult, however, it could be argued that simply staying solely focussed on our own organisation and fire fighting issues we are only ever treading water and not actually drving our business forward. We need to look and listen to what is out there to understand how we can improve our own proposation, and this conference is a perfect opportunity.

Personally I enjoy Conferences, I like finding out what new thinking there is in our sphere and I enjoy networking with peers from other industries, but they are not cheap with a 2 day Conference in the South of England setting your orgnaisation back between £700 and £1000 (based on a 2 day Conference taking place in London today and tomorrow!). There are other conferences that take place that are free, but these invariably have a sales element to them, and none of us are fans of that! Our Conference is free to members of Scottish Continuity. Non-members are allowed to come as well, but have to pay £100. By Conference standards £100 is still pretty good value for money!

Of course it is not strictly speaking free, delegates have to travel to the Conference, but more costly is taking a day out of the diary to attend. In our line of work there is rarely a good time to be away from the office and quite often events booked in advance can be scuppered by a technology issue, the weather, protests or even a Black Swan!

So what will the day involve? As with previous years (and following extremely positive feedback from the last 2 conferences) the morning will be made up of presentations:

Mike Osbourne from Phoenix will be talking about the Journey from Recovery to Resilience. A topic especially relevant at the moment as businesses looking to not just react to an invocation but try and build their defences so they are not required to invoke in the first place.

Andrew Elliott from the Scottish Government who will be talking about Business Resilience and the Three Estates whidh promises to be an interesting discussion.

Aidan O'Brien from the National Australia Group will be taking about Implementing BCM Frameworks a topic we have probably all had some experience in, but I know I will enjoy hearing how someone else has done it, and if I can pick up some ideas all the better!

Joe Holden from FIOR will then be presenting on Incident Reaponse Planning - People, Planning and Proofing which will be an interesting subject and will lead us nicely into

The afternoon session which will be a table top exercise facilitated by Needhams 1834, a long established Business Continuity Consultancy who have recently opened an office in Edinburgh. I will not give away any details of this, but of the tenders we received to run the exercise this was the highest standard and quality and I am personally really looking forward to taking part in it!

It all sounds like a pretty good day, and certainly a bargain for £100, let alone FREE to members! I touched on the benefits of networking earlier and on top of this you can use attendance at the conference for Continuous Professional Development. I believe that the BCI are in the process of making CPD a prerequisite for maintaining Membership (its also pretty useful at apprasisal times too!)

If you have been umming and aahing about attending you have a week to decide. Booking will run until noon on 15 November. if you are interested contact

If you are interested in sponsoring or promoting your organisation please also contact Joyce!

See you there!

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