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Scottish Continuity
Justyna Weckowska


DXC Technology

Job Title

Corporate Business Resilience Global Lead

Area Where Based 

Glasgow / Southside

Profile / About You

A student with over 5 years of experience. Currently studying for her BA Hons in Risk management from GCU, while balancing this with part-time work in a restaurant, a field where I have management experience having worked in the industry for 19 years. As a mature student I recognise the value of not only academic knowledge but also an amazing opportunities of networking with professionals within the field of my study. I am extremely happy to be welcomed into the Scottish Continuity Group as a board member. I hope to use my experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to get more students interested and engaged in SCG activities as I believe this will be beneficial to all parties involved. I strongly believe that with the right set of mind you can achieve almost everything. 
In my free time I like to cook, bake, read, socialise with my family and friends, listen to a good music and dance. At the moment being a student, working part time and being mum to two children there is hardly ever any free time, but I look at this as an investment in my future and I want to make the most of it. Balancing so much in my life demonstrates how determinant and adaptable I am which I believe are a very good qualities to have.

Skills Area

Communication skills – bilingual in Polish & English
Numeracy skills
Adaptable to learning new systems
Problem solving
Leadership / Management experience
High level of customer service
Organisational skills
Adaptability to changing environments

Experience / Key Accomplishments

•    19 years in hospitality progressing to management level before returning to part time work during my studies.
•    Balancing full time studying and part time work while being a mum to two young children.
•    Coming to a foreign country at 20 with basic knowledge of the language and working hard to were I am now.
•    Being a spokesperson for City of Glasgow College at the 12th business in the parliament conference, talking about the benefits of added value in learning 

Education / Qualifications


BA in Risk Management from GCU

Specialisms / Special Interests

Cooking, baking, reading
Spending time with kids – being creative, encouraging them to try new things. 
Sustaining a Resilient Community

Scottish Continuity

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