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Scottish Continuity
Chris Tunnah


Dacoll Ltd

Job Title

Business Continuity Manager

Area Where Based 

Scotland, international remit.

Profile / About You

A long technical career in engineetring and ICT over the last 45 years has led me to where I am now. Resposible for reslient systems since the early 1980s I've seen the threats and technologies change, but the challenges never seem to go away! I've been a member of Scottish Continuity since 2005 and served on the board since 2006, becoming Chair for 2017 - 2019.

Skills Area

Most areas of ICT development, delivery, integration and recovery.

Experience / Key Accomplishments

I've designed and implemented worldwide systems implermentations for multinational companies, I've provided consultancy for all manner of organisations, and I've travelled the world delivering training for Cisco employees ansd platinum customers.

Education / Qualifications


Studied Engineering at Edinburgh University, and many vocational training courses over the decades!

Specialisms / Special Interests

Transcontinental systems integration, resilience and recovery, and all things Cyber! (I still have a 1st edition copy of 'The Hackers Handbook' from my time as a programmer in the the 1980s...) 

Other Relevant Information

Keen fly and sea fisherman, and often seen bouncing down some of Scotlands wildest rivers in an open Canadian canoe!
Sustaining a Resilient Community

Scottish Continuity

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