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Friday, May 20 2011

Debbie, Mary-Ellen and I showed up at Beanscene at 08:30am , ready and willing to answer questions, offer advice and provide a bacon roll and a coffee.

Sadly, nobody turned up but we used the time productively to discuss methods of publicising the next event which is in the diary for 27 July

1) Get a pop up stand to replace the one that went AWOL after the Crieff event

2) Publicise the event by putting flyers in Beanscene and asking if they can put it in their facebook site.

3) Publicise the event in LinkedIn

We also had a good discussion about Crisis Mgt scenario testing and also talked over possibilities for the Computer Security Incident Response Team seminar that I am organising with SIAF and guest speakers.


So - effective use of time and we can proudly say that we were there and ready to help.

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